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James Horner is Practice Owner and Lead Veterinary Surgeon at James Horner Vets in the West Midlands. He has used our Gold Recruitment Service three times so far, when looking for new vets and vet nurses.


The problem

James Horner Vets is a young and successful practice based on the outskirts of Birmingham. Their expanding workload and client numbers meant the team needed to grow in size to meet demand.


Having worked hard to build the practice and team from scratch, James wanted an experienced vet who could deliver an excellent standard of care.


While initial recruitment efforts didn’t highlight a shortage of vets in general, the vets that James was looking for – who were a good fit for the practice, the team, and the role – didn’t seem to be applying.


James had tried recruitment agencies as well as other veterinary-specific job platforms, with the hope that they would communicate to potential candidates more than just the salary figure – the culture at the practice and the purpose behind James’ mission. However, the candidates they were sending weren’t reflecting this.

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“We had tried to use recruiting agents and I had recruited a number of people who had not been great and just missed the mark.”

— James Horner Vets

West Midlands.

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“They cast the net wide, screened the candidates and then nudged me to act on it!”


Our solution

Where other recruitment services failed to communicate that message of what it was like to work at James’ practice and the type of vet that would suit the job, James feels our Gold Service achieved that.


We did a letter-drop to local vets, without the restrictions of word and character limits. This true exploration of the culture at James Horner Vets meant a better chance of attracting the right vet for the job.


While James admits that he isn’t one to read anything too lengthy, many of his colleagues do, and he pins much of the success of our service on the information transferred in these letters.


By including comprehensive details, we’re casting the net wide and including the information people are looking for.


The result…

With the help of our Gold Recruitment Service, James found the right vet for the job, and he’s continued using the service for both vets and nurses. In a busy practice, it’s easy to put off communication with candidates, so the process can be slow, and candidates may lose interest or accept jobs elsewhere.


James appreciated our team’s regular check-ins reminding him to engage with the candidate to keep things moving efficiently – and recognised that this was something that he needed.


Reflecting on his experience with Gold, James felt that the team understood the type of vet he was looking for and passed on insight about the practice to potential candidates, preventing wasting anyone’s time.


Ultimately, although he had control and oversaw the process, he was comfortable delegating the legwork of the recruitment process to our team.

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“The main benefit was time. It felt efficient. It felt like things were moving.”

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“I thought I would see how they compared – the Vet Record versus the Vet Times – and, in short, the Vet Times’ quality of lead was better than the Vet Record’s.”

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