Clinician-led recruitment with our Gold service

Focus on what you love: let our clinicians do the recruitment hard work for you.

Save time and stress – we do everything for you. From writing and designing your job advert to screening candidates and responding to them quickly. All you need to do is the interview.

Find the right candidate – we use our database of more than 64k registered vets and RVNs to deliver a personalised matching service.

Reach more people – we’ll build you a bespoke solution to reach vets and RVNs via our print and digital publications. We’ll also use social media and direct mail to find you the right person.

Stand out from the crowd – we’re passionate about improving working conditions for everyone in the veterinary community. That’s why we offer you advice on the simple, low-cost changes that will make it easier for you to recruit.

Let our clinician-led recruitment team do the hard work for you

Only £4,895

Speak to the team about RVN rates

Your questions answered

What happens when you book our Gold service?

We do all the hard work for you!

We kick things off with a Teams call with our experienced clinicians, Vet Fiona Stephens and RVN’s Lindsey and Emma.

There are no forms to fill in, and our clinical team will pull out all the information they need to design a stand-out ad.

We will also start searching for your new team member immediately by looking through our database, full of Vets and Nurses who are actively looking for a new role.

There’s a shortage of vets, so isn’t it pointless trying to recruit right now?

Recruitment is challenging, however, we’ve worked with practices that have advertised through different means and haven’t found any candidates, but when they switched to our Gold service, they had a far better response.

For 2023, we were able to put forward applicants for every role and had a success rate of around 90%.

What is special about Gold?

Gold involves a lot of expertise on our side – our Gold fulfilment team includes a vet and two RVNs with more than 60 years of combined veterinary industry experience.

We offer advice on what you’re offering and how it compares to other practices, and this is what many Gold practices find invaluable about this service.  We are also able to offer help with non-UK applicants.  

Gold also saves you an enormous amount of time. We write the job ad, design the print ads, direct mails and organise the social media campaign. We also reject unsuitable applicants

Do I have to pay extra once you’ve found me a vet?

No, it’s an all-inclusive fee.

How much does Gold cost?

Gold is £4,895 + VAT for a vet and £2,595+ VAT for an RVN.

We offer substantial discounts if you need to recruit more than one person and if you’re a repeat Gold practice.

 What if you can’t fulfil the role?

If – after using all our techniques, tools and advice – we can’t fulfil your role, we’ll continue to run your online advert until you fill the role (fair usage conditions apply).

How long does it take you to find me a candidate?

From January to March 2024, the average time to offer a vet was 66 days. The quickest time to offer was 8 days.

For the RVN roles, the average time to offer was 41 days. The quickest time to offer was 12 days.

How much effort does it take from me?

After the 60-minute fact-finding and advice call, we’ll ask you to provide us with photos and testimonials to bring your ad to life.

We’d also advise you to respond to candidates quickly to improve the chances of them accepting your offer. 

Do you have confusing contracts?

We have easy-to-understand terms and conditions

Success stories

Pricing plans

Success stories


Here’s what vets and RVNs say about our Gold clinician-led recruitment service.

Dr Sean Cleary

North Star Vets

“Our recruitment drive has been a massive success. Your ability to attract quality applicants at a time when most practices are struggling says a lot for your processes.” 


Happy Vet Times Jobs recruitment customers. An image of nine people in front of a Christmas tree - the team at Strand Vets.

Strand Vets

“It has made a big difference to us and made the exhausting process of recruitment seem easy. I wish we’d done it from the beginning!”


“We’ve used the Vet Times Jobs Gold package twice in the past six months. We found our last applicant in a record eight days, which was incredible! We would definitely use the service again.Rowan Vets
“To have someone discuss the role, and write the online and print advert for us, has been a godsend. We will definitely use the Gold advertising from Vet Times Jobs again.”
– Mount Vets Veterinary Hospital

Let our clinician-led recruitment team do the hard work for you

For only £4,895 +VAT

Speak to the team about RVN rates

Why Vet Times Jobs?

  • Vet Times Jobs is on a mission to make all veterinary practices a place where everyone can thrive throughout their careers.
  • We are the UK’s leading veterinary recruitment platform. With over 19,000 users and a 18,500+ social media audience, Vet Times Jobs reaches a wide range of relevant candidates in print, online, and on mobile.
  • Our range of advertising options gives you the flexibility to reach your target audience and boost your response rates.
  • Our friendly team of recruitment experts is here to help you every step of the way.
  • We’re committed to finding the best candidates for your practice.